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Dessert Menu


l. Orange Sorbet. A whole orange sorbet, with that orangy bite. £5.50

2. Lemon Sorbet. A whole lemon sorbet, tangy and creamy. £5.50

3. Chocolate Truffito. A ball of chocolate ice cream with a liquid centre, coated with a crisp chocolate and nut cover. £5.50

4. White Chocolate Bombe. Dairy vanilla ice cream rippled with chocolate sauce, covered in white chocolate and a chocolate flake. £5.50

5. Coconut Ice. Half a slice of coconut with a real coconut ice creamy taste. £5.50

6.Pineapple Ice. For the pineapple lovers. Aquarter of a whole pineapple made into a creamy pineapple ice cream. £6.25

7. Sticky Toffee Bombe. Ice cream flavoured with toffee galore! £5.50

8. Vanilla & Toffee Pecan Honey Cream. Delicious vanilla and toffee ice cream topped with a toffee sauce and caramelised pecan nuts. £5.50


Speciality Desserts


9. Banana or Pineapple Amaretto. A banana or pineapple fritter served with vanilla ice cream and laced with maple syrup and a touch of Amaretto liqueur. £7.00

10. Green Figs. Served in a liqueur sauce with a generous helping of fresh cream. £6.50

11. Nun Banana. A Thai dessert of bananas in a slightly sweet sauce made from fresh coconut milk and topped up with fresh cream. £7.00

All desserts, coffees and teas are included in the set menu price. Liqueur coffees are charged extra.




Freshly Brewed Coffee - £4.50
Served with mints

Pot of Chinese Tea - £4.00

English Tea - £4.00

Liqueur Coffees £7.25

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