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  Thailand Vegetarian Menu 




V1. Satay Bean Curd                                                                                     £6.95

Deep-fried bean curds on sticks, served with peanut sauce, accompanied by cucumbers, red and green peppers, onion in Thai sweet vinegar dressing. This dish contains peanuts.

V2. Mixed Vegetables Chup Pang To                                                            £6.95

Mixed vegetables deep-fried in tempura batter, until golden crisp and served in Plum and sweet/sour chilli sauce.

V5. Mixed Vegetables Spring Rolls                                                               £6.95

Prepared by Onuma, her special recipe. Fried mixed vegetables in portions of beansprouts, clear noodles and served with plum sauce and sweet/sour chilli sauce.


Main Dishes


V11. Pat Thai (highly recommended for vegetarians)                                     £13.95

Soft and tender Thai rice stick noodles fried with light soy sauce, egg, crushed peanuts and beansprouts, spring onions, sprinkled with herbs and spices. This dish contains peanuts.

VI5. Corny Bean Curd                                                                                  £13.95

Deep-fried bean curds stir-fried with fresh baby corns, onion, mushrooms, green and red peppers, spring onions and cashew nuts. This dish contains cashew nuts.

VI7. Bean Curd Curry (Kang Keow Wan)                                                     £13.95

Deep-fried bean curds and Thai green curry paste cooked in fresh coconut milk with bamboo shoots, string beans, green and red peppers, lime leaf and sweet basil leaves.

VI8. Sweet and Sour Vegetables                                                                £13.95

Generous portions of fresh mixed vegetables fried with tomatoes, cucumber, onion, green and red peppers, pineapple chunks covered with sweet and sour sauce, Thai-style.

V33. Mock Duck Curry                                                                                 £13.95

Mock duck cooked in Thai curry paste, bamboo shoots, string beans, green and red peppers, lime leaf, pineapple chunks, tomato and sweet basil leaves. Vegetarian favourite dish.


S-7 Panang Bean Curd (Bean Curd is made from soybeans)                          £13.95

Cooked with Thai red curry paste in fresh coconut milk with french beans, green and red peppers, lime leaf and sweet basil leaves. Creamy, spicy and very tasty. (Suitable for Vegetarians)


E. Black Pepper Sauce Crispy Bean Curd                                                    £13.95

Black Pepper Sauce Stir-fried fresh crushed garlic, onion, green and red peppers with crushed black peppercorn and sprinkled with coriander and spring onions.


V44. Thailand Selection                                                                                 £8.25

Creating the balance needed for the positive taste of 'Thai'. Fresh assorted vegetables stir-fried with light soy sauce.


S-8 Choi Sum                                                                                               £8.25

Young Choi Sum quick stir-fry with light soy sauce added garlic and chilli to infuse the dish. It’s will remind you of your last trip to Asia.


V 48. Perfumed Steamed Rice                                                                       £5.95

A fragrant, white fluffy rice Thailand - for the distinctive taste of 'Thai'.


S-9. Coconut Rice                                                                                          £7.95

A distinctive fragrant white fluffy rice with Coconut taste.
Best with Curry dishes.

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