Take time to try Thai

Takeaway for 5   £158.20

Includes all the following dishes:


2x1.Satay This dish contains peanuts.                                                       £13.90

Chicken morsels on a bamboo stick marinated in Thai herbs chargrilled then served with peanut sauce and salad with Thai sweet vinegar dressing.


2x2.Gung Chup Pang Tod                                                                            £13.90

King Prawns and vegetables deep-fried in tempura batter until golden crisp and flavoured with home-made Plum and Chilli sauce on the side.


2x3.Namoo ( 5 Pieces)                                                                                £11.90

Segments of minced pork contained within a bread base, deep-fried to a crisp finish. Flavoured with home-made Plum and Chilli Sauce on the side. (This is a Thailand special)


2x5.Thailand Spring Rolls                                                                           £13.00

Prepared by Onuma, her special recipe. Fried chicken and pork in portions of beansprouts,  clear noodles and served with Plum Sauce and sweet/sour Chilli Sauce.


11.Pad Thai  This dish contains peanuts.                                                   £11.95

(Most popular snack in Thailand) Lean strips of prime cut Pork fried with Thai rice sticks, dried shrimp, egg, crushed peanuts and bean sprouts, spring onions, sprinkled with herbs and spices. This is an everyday dish for Thai people.


12.Spare Ribs Northern Style                                                                     £11.95

Pork ribs marinated in an original northern style curry paste. Lovely flavour coriander. Small ribs with the meat falling off the bone with ease.


17.Green Chicken Curry                                                                              £11.95

Slices of chicken breast and Thai green curry paste cooked in fresh coconut milk with bamboo shoots, string beans, green & red peppers, lime leaf and sweet basil leaves.
(A traditional dish and very popular).


20.Beef in Oyster Sauce                                                                              £12.95

Thinly sliced prime cut rump steak stir-fried in oyster sauce, strips of ginger, black mushrooms and spring onions.


26.Sweet & Sour King Prawns                                                                    £16.95

Generous portions of fresh King Prawns prepared with tomatoes, cucumber, onion, red and green peppers and pineapple chunks, covered in a sweet and sour sauce Thai style.
One of our Chef's classic Thai style dishes.


32.Pineapple Duck This dish contains nuts.                                               £15.95

Generous portions of duck breast marinated, roasted and stir-fried with Thai sauce and pineapple chunks. An array of colour displays the onions, red and green peppers, spring onions and cashew nuts mingling within this very moreish sauce. This is certainly a duck surprise.

44.Thailand Selection                                                                                    £6.95

Creating the balance needed for the positive taste of 'Thai'. Fresh assorted vegetables with oyster sauce generously spread and served hot.


2 x 46.Kow Pat Khai                                                                                    £11.90

Egg fried rice with onions and tomatoes.


48.Perfumed Steamed Rice                                                                           £4.95

A fragrant white fluffy rice imported from Thailand for the distinctive taste of 'Thai'.

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