Take time to try Thai

Takeaway for 2 A   £63.50

Includes all the following dishes:


1.Satay  This dish contains peanuts                                                             £6.55

Chicken morsels on a bamboo stick marinated in Thai herbs, chargrilled then served with peanut sauce and salad with Thai sweet vinegar dressing. This dish contains peanuts.


2.Gung Chup Pang Tod                                                                                  £6.55

King Prawns and vegetables deep-fried in tempura batter until golden crisp and flavoured with home-made Plum and Chilli sauce on the side.


21.Chilli Beef                                                                                               £11.50

Lean strips of prime cut rump steak, stir-fried with fresh chillies, onions, green and red peppers, spring onions, lime leaf and holy basil leaves.


15.Corny Chicken(This dish contains peanuts)                                          £10.95

Cuts of chicken breast stir-fried with fresh baby corns, onion, mushrooms, green and red peppers, spring onions and cashew nuts. This dish contains cashew nuts.


26.Garlic King Prawns                                                                                 £15.95

Fresh King Prawns, stir-fried with fresh crushed garlic in Oyster sauce and finished off with chopped fresh coriander.


44.Thailand Selection                                                                                    £6.50

Creating the balance needed for the positive taste of 'Thai'. Fresh assorted vegetables with oyster sauce generously spread and served hot.


48.Kow Pat Khai                                                                                            £5.50

Egg fried rice with onion and tomatoes.

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